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My name is Aquil and I love bannans but hate apples


I like to workout and watch Netflix


My favorite food is a philly chessesteak with chilli chesse fries


I'm from Dallas, Texas and I've lived their for about 9 years. I've lived in Kuwait for 2 years and now here, South Korea. I've been to Ethiopia, Australia, London, Philadelphia, Delaware, Boston, Florida, and New York.


Basketball, coding, sleeping, eating, breathing, blinking, shopping (only at Nike, Vans, Addidas and H&M)


Zendaya, Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Denzel washington


BlackkKlansman, Night school, Tenet, Sextuplets, Home Alone 1 and 2


My question is, why don't schools teach us in middle school and high school on how to make money and teach us economics if the only way to be succesful is to have money? I know learning math, science, language, history is important, but would it really benefit us in the future? (the only class that matters is this class. coding is vErY important)


My favorite rappers are Drake, Lil Baby and Meek Mill


I could say winter is my favorite season because I enjoy Christmas, but in all honestly, it's not. When it's cold I'm super lazy and I watch every movie there possibly is then I'm bored. But summer, I'm outside and playing basketball which is #1 on my p r i o r i t y l i s t