About Me

Hello my name is Aquil, I'm currently in the 8th grade. I'm from Dallas, Texas. I live in Seoul, South Korea for about 1 year. I've lived in Kuwait for 2 years, where I experienced a new culture and language.


I don't just play basketball but I also play soccer, football and I'm in cross country. All of these sports are fun because it involes teamwork and communication. When it's the offseason during basketball, usually I play football. Football is one of my favorite sports because it's physical and fast paced.


My favorite color is blue and orange. One of my favorite sports is basketball. My favorite basketball player is Micahel Jordan (MJ) he played for the Chicago Bulls. My favorite country is Australia. My favorite brand is Nike

Why I Dislike Milk

I really hate cow milk because of the it smells. Growing up, I never drank cow milk because to me, it's just disgusting. I remember I was so thirsty and I opened the refrigerator. Then I saw some milk, so I poured it into a cup. As soon as I took a sip it out. I couldn't take the awful smell and taste.

Philly Chesstake

Hands down, my favorite food is a philly cheesetake. It's really uncommon overseas but in America you can find it everywhere. It's so filling and after you eat it, you feel super satisifed.


My favorite movie is BlackkKlansman and night school. These two movies are really funny and there both good movies to watch with your family. If I had to choose between Night School and BlackkKlansman, it would be Night School. Only because Kevin Hart is in it and he's a funny comedian.